7 Reasons why you should visit Peru


1. Awe-inspiring landscapes

If it’s not the breath-taking vistas of the Andes which seem to go on forever, it’s the verdant, dense jungles of the Amazon which contrast with the coastal desert, and beautiful beaches. Peru appears to have been blessed with it all.

2. Ancient history

Without a doubt, one of Peru’s biggest drawcards is the ancient and mysterious Machu Picchu. This ancient Inca citadel features on many a bucket list. However, it doesn’t stop there. There is a plethora of Inca history and architecture waiting to be explored throughout the country.



3. Cultural diversity

Peru has a rich cultural heritage where you will see the old and new blend seamlessly together. This unique cultural mix is accompanied by a wonderful display of colour that is part and parcel of this intriguing country. There are fascinating colonial and indigenous traditions for you to experience, including markets and festivals.

4. Biodiversity

Peru has biodiversity in spades, with over 500 species of mammals, 300 species of reptiles and over 1800 species of birds. The varied geography – from Andes to Amazon to the Pacific coast – supports a huge variety of flora and fauna.



5. Adventure

For many, hiking the Inca Trail is a form of pilgrimage with Machu Picchu the reward at the finish. Early booking is advised as permits are limited. Why not consider a river cruise – a kind of safari on water. River rafting is sure to get your adrenalin flowing, and there’s much more besides; rock climbing, bungee jumping, mountain biking, even surfing.

6. Cuisine

Foodies amongst you take note: the world is waking up to Peru’s food, arguably some of South America’s best, from traditional Andean cuisine to fresh fish (with ceviche deserving a special mention). Dishes are carefully put together with a blend of international flavours resulting in wonderful food, worthy of the accolades and recognition Peruvian cuisine is finally receiving. While on the subject of food, why not accompany it with the national cocktail, a Pisco Sour?



7. Service and quality

Peru has some excellent quality hotels and lodges offering world-class accommodation and there are Michelin-starred restaurants. If you want to see this incredible country in luxury, there is plenty of choice. However, you don’t have to break to the bank to visit. We also offer lots of options in the mid-range bracket, so you can get comfort and good service at a reasonable price whilst exploring.

The Path Less Travelled

See our suggestions on ‘The Path Less Travelled’ for some special activities that you might not have considered, and which could add a really authentic twist to your visit.

Our experienced travel consultants are on hand to help you plan the trip of a lifetime to this wonderful country, just let us know what interests you and how long you want to spend there, and we’ll do the rest.